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Chess, 17, proud Californian-- artist, archival scrapbooker, and musician
Here’s one for the Small Faces/ Classic Rock children:
Steve Marriott’s daughter Mollie(middle) with Ronnie Lane’s son Luke(right) and step daughter Lana(left) honoring their parent’s at a ceremony, c. January 1, 1990

Pamela’s birthday is this Tuesday and I can already see this account getting ignored lmao

Guys if you like classic rock rps, follow her she’s amazing!


The Robbie Robertson story in picture book form on 10/21
Ronnie “Plonk” Lane, c. Early 1967

Props to magicmac for this wonderful find!
I don’t remember banging heads too much with Tony, just normal band stuff. Tony is a very interesting man. I love his intellect, I love the way he thinks, he’s opportunistic and he’s cheeky and he’s risky. he’s a good lad. I like him a lot.
—Graham Nash about Tony Hicks (via hey-carrie-anne)
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Monkey See Monkey Do

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