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This is from the slut walk. One of the arguments is that girls ask for rape because they wear slutty clothes, short skirts, tight, low-cut tops. This girl is an example of the fact that rape victims can look like anyone, you, me, this girl. Rapists. Dont. Discriminate.

I promised a long time ago that I’d reblog this whenever I saw it on my dash. No regrets, it breaks my heart every single time.

an incredibly important message, rape is rape. no one is ever asking for it. a woman has the right to dress how ever they want - it is society that identifies risque dressing as ‘asking for it’, and in my opinion, that way of thinking needs to be diminished.

Seriously if you see this and don’t reblog it, I have NO respect for you

Everyone should re-blog this.  YES, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT! 

What’s going on here I wonder?


The McGuinn with engineer Ray Gerhardt and producer Terry Melcher working on The Byrds’ second album Turn! Turn! Turn!

I’ve never seen photos of The Byrds with Terry Melcher before. Terry was Doris Day’s only son and produced The Byrds’ early records. He almost produced an album for Charles Manson too but wisely backed out. The house where Manson’s followers murdered Sharon Tate and her friends was previously owned by Melcher and it’s said he mistakenly thought Melcher still lived there. Melcher died about seven years ago of cancer.